Kayak Angling is one of the fastest-growing sports in America. We want to do everything we can to further that growth. That’s where our advocates come in! Our Yakrods Advocates are an enthusiastic team of individuals who are active in their community and engaging both in-person and online.

They embody Yakrods' high moral values, love our brand, and are passionate about sharing kayak fishing in a warm and welcoming way. Our Yakrods Advocates dedicate their time and energy to promoting and teaching the sport of kayak fishing to others.

  Passion | Sportsmanship | Involvement


We offer a two-tier Advocate program with an organized and systematic approach to increasing your involvement with the company. We’re looking for dedicated, enthusiastic anglers who love our brand. In return, we want to show our appreciation and loyalty to you.

Evaluating Standards

  • Active on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube): Posts regarding kayak fishing in general and Yakrods specifically.
  • Regular discount code use (pro staff evaluation)
  • Number of followers (i.e. influence in the community)
  • Active involvement in tournaments and events
  • Use of Yakrods products

    Next Steps

    To apply fill out the application form listed below. Please note that this does not guarantee admittance into the program. Be sure to give a thorough explanation as to your experience with Yakrod products and why you see yourself as an asset to our team.