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Foundation Frog rod

Foundation frog/swimbait rod feels great can definitely tell they are well built gunna be a lot more yak rods added to my collection

Black Line | Frog · Flip · Small Swimbaits

Epic Performance LS UV Shirt
Chris Murphey
LS performance shirt

These shirts are really nice. They are well made. They do not hold smell like some of the other shirts do after washed. We can't wait to wear these on stage representing Yak rods

Great finesse rod

So far loving the Back Line Dropshot rod! I was looking for something that would be sensitive enough to feel the light bites and this rod is delivering!

Great Addition to the Arsenal

This rod is really light and well-balanced. Feels great in the hand. I paired it with a Daiwa BG 4000 and it casts a 3/16 weighted hook with a paddle tail like a dream. With a simple flick of the wrist and off it goes—no need to rare back and launch it to get the distance. For a medium rod, you can still feel everything. I will not leave it behind when out on the water. I highly recommend adding this to your arsenal if you are an inshore fisherman.

The Delta
James Pothering

Awesome hat and honestly the most comfortable and breathable hat I’ve ever owned!

Blackline Jerkbait Rod

This is a really nice rod. I paired it with an ultralight reel (Concept C2), and it feels like nothing in your hand. My personal preference would be a slightly stiffer tip for working jerkbaits, but it's well within acceptable parameters for something like a 110. One of the nicer looking rods I own.

X-chatter / bladed jig rod

I recently took out my new x-chatter bladed jig rod and was I impressed. This rod will cast even the lights lures a country mile. Handled very well with the slobberknocker, mini-max and an under-spin. Would highly recommend. Great rod. Hope to get more.

Great swim/glade bait

This rod is able to handle a 2 oz. glide bait like it’s a 1/2 oz. Jig and still remains light and sensitive.

Best swimbait rod for kayakers!

I got into Swimbaits before kayak bass fishing. So I had some large rods that were difficult to work with on the yak. The boffo has taken over when it comes to my primary swimbait rod now! It has handled everything I have thrown at it and some! Very light and compact, it can be misleading at first. Then when on the water ya really get a feel for what this rod can do. Majority of the baits I have thrown are in the 3-4oz range which is really the sweet spot!

Great rod

If you’re dropshotting/finesse fishing you need this rod you won’t regret it super sensitive super lightweight!

This rod is top quality! Handles the 110 size jerkbaits like a dream! Can cast all day and never get tired. Perfect balance but a beast at handling fish!

RIP Jerkbait

Sensitive but strong! Perfect specs! Handles the 110 like a dream!

Great Rod

I love the X-Chatter Rod!!
Fast shipping!! Only been out one time and no fish but looking forward to a life time of fish that are coming my way using this rod.


I think I have 4 of these, when I got the first one I was impressed. It was my favorite jig rod! Then I started throwing bigger swimbaits and never could find a rod I could throw all day long! Well when I got my second one I put a 6 inch magdraft on it and never looked back, the rod is perfect for that heavier bait and doesn’t wear your arm out throwing all day long!! Well I had to have another one so now it’s my favorite frogging rod as well!! They hit the jackpot with this rod easy to twitch and has a backbone with just the right amount of tip!!


This is the most unbelievable chatterbait rod I have ever thrown! I can’t tell you how many fish I use to loose trying to find a good bladed jig rod! Most of my success in 2022 came from this rod alone I think I won 27k with this rod!! I also use for jigs, texas rigs spinner baits, it’s so versatile!! Get one you will NOT be disappointed!

Excellent Rod

The X-Chatter is a fantastic rod for bladed jigs, swim jigs and spinnerbaits. I highly recommend it for these techniques and would not hesitate to throw a single hook swimbait either. The rod transmits what the bait is doing so well, and I can easily detect a slight change. It also has great backbone and a nice forgiving tip. When a fish bites it loads up so well that all that is needed is a nice steady sweeping hookset. Overall I am very pleased with this purchase.

Awesome rod! Handled a 2lber like it was nothing!

Jerk it

This rod is tool. It well design for its intentions. If you like chucking jerkbaits it's hard to beat this rod. If you are megabass vision 110 ten guy it's like this rod was made to be a companion for the bait. They work so well together. The right amount a flex to keep those trebles pinned and not get to fatigued from twitching a rod all day.

Swing it

One of my favorite baits to cast is swing head jig and drag the bottom around wood and rock. This rod is awesome for that. It's also great for pitching into wood piles around the bank and for some dock flipping.

Adding more to now that I've had lots of time on the water with this rod

For years I have ran a dedicated chatterbait rod. I knew this rod was a great rod when I started using it but now that I've had lots of time on the water with it I wanted to update what I think.
This rod is absolutely outstanding in feel and performance. The feel of the jig is incredible. Doesn't matter what brand of bladed jig you use this rod will work with them all from the original chatterbaits to a slobber knocker. There is enough flex in the rod to let the fish eat the bait and not shy from it, and enough back bone to set those heavy hooks with just a sweep of the rod. You can feel every shack of the blade so you can slow roll it on the bottom, fish it fast or jig it. This is absolutely a permanent rod on deck now.

Awesome frog rod

This rod is great for frog fishing. Works awesome around mats and grass flats with both hollow body and soft body frogs. It a little forgiving if your a person who forgets to give the fish a second after you see them blow up on the frog. These rods are great for boat guys and bank fishermen as well.


First time using the black line jerkbait/light crankbait rod was the first tournament of this year. I caught all 6 of my fish on it with a squarebill. The parabolic bend was something else and it kept them pinned until I was ready to land them. Ended up taking second place and can’t wait til this weekend for the next tournament. Great rod.

X-Chatter looks and feels amazing!

Just got the rod in the mail the other day. First impressions is that it’s great quality and feels great in your hand. Can’t wait to get it out on the water. Get ya one, you won’t be disappointed!! I’ll be ordering another rod soon!

Great quality

Just got my new yakrod in the mail. Ordered the special x-chatter. First impression was that yakrods have great quality and are build to last. Looking forward to use it this season.